Marco Carota

25 years of barbering leading me into teaching

Arriving in Bristol from Italy during the 1950's, my father quickly established himself as one of the premier barbers in the area. Working at the top of his game, my father also taught barbering to exacting standards, and many of his students are still trading in Bristol to this day.

Being part of a family with a long history of barbering means it's in my blood. And when I entered the world of work as a young man I never considered being anything but a barber.

But I inherited more than my father's Italian charisma and flare; I studied hard and followed his lead closely, absorbing all of his skill and knowledge, which I consolidated with a course at Brunel Technical College. I quickly learned the trade, but was too ambitious to stand still.

Throughout my varied and dynamic 25-year career, that ambition has driven me to many achievements, including opening and managing several barber shops in Bristol – many of which are still trading, being offered a position at the highly-prestigious Harrods Barber Shop in Knightsbridge , and training the next generation of barbers up to the very highest standards.

I was also one of the first Bristol barbers to introduce hot towel shaving using an open cut-throat razor, which remains one of my specialities, and a very popular service. If you haven't tried it, there's nothing like it!

At this point in my career, my focus has shifted strongly towards education and training, and most of my working time is spent coaching novice and experienced barbers and hairdressers in the arts of high-class men's hairdressing.

Whether you're already a barber, a ladies' hairdresser looking to break into the world of men's cuts, or a unisex hairdresser looking to improve your barbering skills, I run a series of affordable courses to quickly get you where you need to be.

Travelling to you, my courses are always informal, friendly, and fun. I'll coach you at your own pace, and will never finish the course until you can do the work you hired me to teach. I even offer a money-back guarantee.

Unless you're a native Italian, you'll need a good understanding of English to benefit from my courses. Apart from that, just the simple desire to succeed.

With courses tailored toward specific skills, and catering to beginners and advanced students alike, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for – including the business of being a successful barber.

Learn more about my courses, or get in touch here.